2016-11-09 / Federation

Celebrating our donors with a ‘night off’

The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey touches thousands of individuals every single day. It is no secret that Major Donors provide a crucial level of that support, making it possible for us to continue our commitment to improving the Jewish community here and around the world.

Traditionally, this group is celebrated with the Major Gifts Dinner, however, this year, Federation is doing something completely different. We are celebrating Major Donors, who dedicate so much time and energy to this system, with the night off. This extra night to spend at home with loved ones is meant to express the deepest gratitude for all of their hard work to the system. It is only because of their generosity of time and money that we are able to ensure a thriving Jewish population here, in Israel, and throughout the world.

The move is also part of the Federation’s overall mission to accomplish our goals in an increasingly innovative and impactful way. Federation counts on securing the commitments of our Major Donors through this “non-event” to set the pace for the 2017 campaign. We know everyone’s time is valuable and there is evidence that “non-events” have been successfully implemented in other communities.

Major Donors’ generosity ensures that Federation can provide much needed services to our community including: Keeping our food pantries full to serve families struggling to make ends meet; providing our ailing Holocaust survivors with home health care, housing, and nutrition; and educating teens and college students on how to combat toxic anti-Israel sentiment on university campuses nationwide.

The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey wants to thank all of its volunteers, leaders, community partners, sponsors, donors and friends. It is because of all of their efforts that we are able to sustain and improve our Jewish community here and around the world.

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