2016-11-09 / Editorial

With the election over, we must come together

As the Voice went to press earlier this week, the campaigning was all but over — but results of the 2016 election were not yet known. As you read this, however, the long, embittered season is finally over. The people have chosen the 45th president of the United States of America.

And now the real work begins.

We must put aside our differences and focus immediately on building a stronger tomorrow together.

Reflecting the nation at large, South Jersey’s Jewish community was divided over whether Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump would be the better choice for improving life for Americans domestically, elevating America’s influence and standing in the international community as well as advancing American-Israeli relations.

We are an impassioned people. Perhaps not surprisingly, some of the more heated debates between those of different political stripes resulted in hard feelings or caused some rifts. Some pundits in fact believe these election campaigns have been the most contentious in modern U.S. history. If it’s any consolation, historians argue that a number of other earlier campaigns got as ugly — or even more downright dirty. Yet, more often than not, we as a nation have been able to rise above disputes and conflicts for the good of the American people.

In the past, we have joined together to move forward, Republicans and Democrats, working together to make our country even stronger.

Our job now is to ensure that our leaders address the vital issues, including the security of Israel. Please reach out to those on the opposite side of the political divide because there is much unfinished business, from fighting the BDS movement on college campuses to ensuring that Israel’s security issues remain a top U.S. priority.

In the days ahead, we must remember, for better or worse, we are all in this together. s

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