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Through creation, G-d shows His faith in us

Israeli Chabad Center

Parashat Bereshit
Gen. 1:1-6:8

The High Holidays, Sukkot and Simchat Torah are all in our rearview mirror. But don’t despair: There is still one big landmark to celebrate—reading the Torah from the beginning.

This Shabbat (Oct 29) is called “Shabbat Bereshit.” During this Shabbat, we will be reading the first full Torah portion of the bible, marking a beginning for a year full of fresh study, new insights and inspiration.

In the beginning of God’s creation of the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1, 1)

Whether you have attended Day School, Hebrew School, or have visited a synagogue, you are most likely familiar with the story of creation.

“Let there be light! Let the earth sprout vegetation! A man in G-d’s image!” A list of exciting events is unfolding very quickly in front of us, an entire world built in six days.

Yet, I am guessing that you might be unfamiliar with the following concept. It is a concept that is brought in Chassidic teaching, and—in my humble opinion—one of the most inspiring and empowering ideas.

Here it goes:

G-d created the world. What was there before the creation? Nothing. In other words, G-d made something out of nothing.

So what is the world really made out of? Nothing.

Given that the true essence of the world is nothing, there is an inherent danger that it might reverse back to its original state, at any given moment. That means that in order for the world to continue and exist, G-d must continuously recreate the world, at every moment!

Think about it this way. When someone is throwing a ball into the air, that energy is defying the gravity pull and is going upward. But the moment the energy is gone, the ball will fall back.

So in order for our “ball,” our universe, to continue and go upward and defy the nothing that it is made out of, it needs the constant energy of G-d.

This concept shines a light on the fact that the creation of the world was not something that happened thousands of years ago, rather it is something that is happening now, at every moment.

It means that…We always have a new opportunity knocking. If G-d just created us all over again, He surely gave us new energy, and new powers!

It means that…G-d has shown great faith in us. If He chose to “make us” again, He believes that we have unique gifts and contributions to contribute to His creation.

It means that… If we made mistakes in the past, we can honestly say that we are a “new person.”

May this new Bereshit bring with it many blessings to us all.

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