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Adath Emanu-El teens start off the year with a splash!

vice president


My name is Lana Kolchinsky and I am the programming vice president for Adath Emanu-El’s youth group, AEFTY. I am a junior at Moorestown High School. I have been heavily involved in the Jewish community these past couple of years. I even went to Israel for a semester last year with NFTYEIE High School in Israel. I am also involved in NFTY Pennsylvania Area Region.

The teens in the youth group of Adath Emanu-El started off the year with a splash! Earlier, in September, 15 teens attended AEFTY’s white water rafting trip. All who went had a great time! They even observed the ritual of Tashlich for Rosh Hashanah! It was a strong start for the new school year! In addition to our rafting trip, on Rosh Hashanah, the teens of Adath had a teen service and program to celebrate. The teens learned about the different creation stories in Bereshit. Then on Yom Kippur, AEFTY’s teen service for the holiday was lovely, too. It also included a program where the teens debated on topics— just like the presidential candidates! It was a wonderful way to start off a good new year!

As we entered the fall season, on October 9th, the youth group went to Indian Acres for a non-haunted corn maze! Everyone who attended had a great time. We had a campfire, made grilled cheeses and hot dogs for dinner, and used our flashlights to navigate our way through a maze at night. Next on our calendar was Sukkot! On Sunday, Oct. 16th, Adath held its annual Pizza in the Hut to prepare our Sukkah—and some pizza—for the holiday! On Nov. 6th, AEFTY will venture to Philadelphia for the annual city trip for a fun-filled day!

AEFTY has many more fun events on the calendar for this year! We can’t wait! 

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