2016-09-28 / Life Cycles

B’nai Mitzvah:

Adath Emanu-El

CAMRYN NICOLE EPSTEIN, daughter of Spencer and Michelle Epstein, on Sept. 10.

JACKSON SAMUEL EDELMAN, son of Meredith and Bill Edelman, on Sept. 17.

MATTHEW SPENCER LOLLI, son of Andrea and Louis Lolli, on Sept. 24.

Cong. Beth El

JORDAN KANTOR, son of Haim and Ziva Kantor, on Sept. 3.

EMMA GREENBERG, daughter of Aaron and Robyn Greenberg, on Sept. 5.

LEWIS LEVY, son of Victor and Suzanne Levy, on Sept. 10.

WILLIAM SCHWARTZ, son of Daniel and Alicia Schwartz, on Sept. 17.

LYLE ROSENTHAL, son of Martin and Marla Rosenthal, on Sept. 24.

Temple Beth Sholom

CHARLOTTE GOLDMAN, daughter of Deborah Marchand and David Goldman, on Sept. 3.

SABRINA GREENBERG, daughter of Robyn and Scott Greenberg, on Sept. 10.

MATTHEW BERGMAN, son of Beth and Scott Bergman, on Sept. 17.

ETHAN BAKER, son of Marissa and Alon Baker, on Sept. 24.

Temple Emanuel

LEO RIESENBACH, son of Robert and Elisa Riesenbach, on Sept. 3.

BENJAMIN FERGUSON, son of William and Michele Ferguson, on Sept. 3.

EDEN KESSLER, daughter of Michael and Anna Kessler, on Sept. 10.

ABIGAIL MALITSKY, daughter of Stephen and Katie Malitsky, on Sept. 10.

ELI McBETH, son of Lori McBeth, on Sept. 17.

DEFNE KASTRO, daughter of Sabi and Kumru Kastro, on Sept. 17.

JULIA SPIVAK, daughter of Jonathan and Stacy Spivak, on Sept. 24.

RYAN GARBER, son of Sam and Andrea Garber, on Sept. 24.

Cong. M’kor Shalom

JOSEPH WEICHERT, son of Stephen and Michelle Weichert, on Sept. 3.

SAMUEL GELLERT, son of Ronald and Pamela Gellert, on Sept. 10.

SAMUEL BITMAN, son of Michael and Erin Bitman, on Sept. 17.

JEREMY MEYERS, son of Steven and Lisa Meyers, on Sept. 24.

JACOB STONE, son of Kevin and Nicole Stone, on Sept. 24.

Temple Sinai

DREW BUNGARDEN, son of Lisa and Rich Bungarden, on Sept. 24.

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