2016-09-14 / World News

Woman’s dying wish ends cemetery’s disuse

To honor a woman’s dying wish, the Dutch Jewish community arranged for her body to be buried in a cemetery that had not been used in nearly a century.

The funeral of Juliana Slaat-Luycx, who was born in 1941, was the first burial since 1920 at the Jewish cemetery of Den Ham 80 miles east of Amsterdam, the Dutch Jewish Community, known locally as NIK, said in a report it published about the unusual event.

Because the cemetery had been unused for 96 years, the Jewish community and the office of Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs had to obtain various permissions from local authorities to bury her there, NIK wrote.

“It took effort from a lot of people but it is a beautiful thing that she can be laid to rest her and I hope she finds peace,” Slaat-Luycx’s daughter said. (JTA)

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