2016-09-14 / Editorial

Those who deny Jewish history in the land of Israel ignore reality

After 12 years of sifting through dirt, Israeli archeologists recently reconstructed part of the ancient stone courtyard of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

The majestic mosaic tiles, chosen by King Herod 2,000 years ago for Judaism’s holiest house of worship, were on public display for the fist time during a major archeological conference held earlier this month in Jerusalem.

The significance of such a find is immeasurable. At a time when Israel’s enemies have made headway attempting to delegitimize the Jewish people’s historic connection to the Holy Land, archeological jewels like this are indisputable scientific proof of our bond.

“Our affinity to Jerusalem is a certain historical truth – not just a narrative,” said Dore Gold, Israel’s director-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Opening the 17th Annual Archeological Conference, Gold cited recent instances of the “international attempt to disengage Jerusalem from Jewish history.” He noted that a UNESCO resolution last spring referred to the area solely as al-Aksa Mosque/al-Haram al Shariff, ignoring all Jewish ties to the Holy Mount.

Gold explained the omission as political ammunition for enemies of Israel, who are pressing their cause by attempting to weaken Jewish ties to Jerusalem, even as that bond was recognized in the British Mandate to create a Jewish national homeland in 1923.

“One cannot ignore the original document of the British Mandate, which is binding in the eyes of international law,” he said. “In that document… recognition has been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine… therefore it is so important for those who want to throw mud at us, and delegitimize us, to try to disconnect this historical connection.”

While truth is on the side of the Jewish people, politics don’t always take fact into account. For this reason, archeologists may be one of the best defenses for bolstering support of the Jewish state. s

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