2016-08-31 / Federation

Special screening of documentary on Camden

Jewish Women’s Philanthropy and the Jewish Health Network are proud to present a special screening of the documentary “Pyne Poynt.” Directed and produced by Haddonfield native Steve Ercolani and Gabe Dinsmoor, “Pyne Poynt” is the story of the revitalization taking place in Camden, often thought of as one of America’s most dangerous cities.

The documentary takes you through a set of corridors nicknamed Heroin Highway. There, young men and women of the North Camden Little League navigate the hazards of the drug trade to come to and from the recently rebuilt and revitalized Pyne Poynt Park. The league plays an essential role in creating change for the community by bringing families, coaches, and children of all ages together.

“Pyne Poynt” is about more than the power of sports to help children rise above poverty. The documentary, which made its world premiere at the New York City Independent Film Festival, is about life and death. About a life where the chances of success aren’t good but where the phrase “hitting it out of the park” takes on a new meaning. As the film’s creators put it, “each at-bat, each inning, and each game the kids play is one more positive tally mark on life’s bigger scoreboard.”

A screening of this movie will be held Tuesday, Sept. 20, 7 p.m. at the Social Hall of the Katz JCC. The movie runs approximately 70 minutes and there will be a Q&A session with director of the film Steve Ercolani after the screening. It’s $15 to attend and you can register at http://bit.ly/pynepoynt

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