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‘One Month More’—We need your help to close this year’s JFund Campaign

Federation President

Until I get to see “Hamilton” next spring, my favorite musical of all time remains “Les Miserables.” As Act One comes to a close, all of the various characters and story lines merge into one amazingly powerful scene set to the song, “One Day More.”

For our Federation, it is now “One Month More.” One more month until our JFund Campaign closes for 2016. Every voice, every person is needed to be a part of this scene, blending together the story lines of our community into one powerful whole as we face the challenges of tomorrow with strength and pride.

We have set the stage and are raising the critical funds for what comes next—the work we are prepared to accomplish next year. All of the needs in our local Jewish community: Support for our agencies, day schools, scholarships, engagement, outreach and community building, as well as support for Jews in countries around the world and in Israel, are marching before us right now asking for our support.

These needs can only be met if every person, each one of you, finds a way to give to the best of your ability and support the JFund.

One more month to make a strong Jewish community your priority.

One more month to make a difference.

One more month to give generously.

And one month more to thank you for all you do to make our community strong. Thank you!!

In this song, the character Enjolras asks, “Will you take your place with me?”

And everyone answers him, “The time is now. The day is here.”

The day is here. Please join us and support JFund today.

One Month More!

Visit www.jewishsouthjersey.org/jfund to make your pledge today.


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