2016-08-17 / Editorial

Temple Sinai students create their own ‘Kid Commandments’

While learning about Shavuot and the 10 Commandments, Temple Sinai in Cinnaminson students were encouraged to write their own 10 Commandments, based on what was “important” to them. Many of them stuck with some of the originals—and some newsworthy ones such as honor and respect your parents, don’t bully, have fun, and don’t vote for Donald Trump! Others were very creative. At the school, we selected some to share. Even though Shavuot has passed, these are words to “live by” and enjoy reading.

Thou Shalt:  Eat ice cream every day…Josh V.  Know the older sibling is in charge…Andrew.  Not harm endangered animals… Sami.  Like dogs better than cats… Ethan.  Go right to the bathroom if you have to go potty…Elliott.  Not throw rocks or spit…Brian.  Not take off your clothes unless you have something under them… Lauren.  Wear sweatpants on Sundays… Logan.  Follow your dreams…Josh B.  Allow only military and police to own guns…Dylan.  Be calm and steal home plate… Matthew.  Always find the positive things in

 Be yourself…Aaron.
 Add chocolate as a new food
group, now there are 6…Jaden.
 Not be on your phone 24/7…
 Play outside…Jon.
 Pay attention to people…
Emma Z.
 Be grateful for what you already
 Get good grades on tests so your
parents won’t get mad…Seth.
 Make school easy…Justin.
 Not exclude anyone…Emma S.
 Respect all human beings…
 Smile and laugh a lot…

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