2016-08-17 / Editorial

Surprise, surprise—terrorists are getting Gaza aid money

Absolutely no one should be surprised that humanitarian aid workers in Gaza are not using the funds given to them in order to educate the young, heal the sick, and lift the residents of Gaza out of poverty. The fact that two aid workers have recently been arrested because they were funneling the money to Hamas and its cohort of terrorists is about as surprising as finding out that children would rather eat cookies than boiled cabbage.

First, it was Mohammed El-Halabi, the director of the Gaza branch of World Vision, who was arrested by Israel on charges that he funneled millions of dollars from the World Vision charity to Hamas. These were private donations that were meant to help the Palestinians in Gaza, and instead ended up being used by terrorists.

On the heels of that, Waheed Borsh, a United Nations aid worker was arrested, and reportedly has confessed, that he aided Hamas. Instead of building houses for poor people in Gaza, Borsh worked on Hamas military projects. He also reportedly told investigators that—another big surprise— other Palestinian aid workers are working for Hamas.

We wholeheartedly agree with Special Envoy to the United Nations Laurie Cardoza-Moore, who said, “The enemy of the people of Gaza is Hamas, not Israel. Hamas has hijacked the coastal strip and rules over its people with an iron fist. For decades, the leadership of Hamas has robbed its people of aid money.”

If history is any guide, Cardoza-Moore’s words will fall on deaf ears at the UN. She represents the World Council of Independent Christian Churches at the UN, and given the anti-Israel history of the UN, it is highly unlikely that body will take a serious look at whether its employees in the Gaza Strip are funneling money to Hamas. Then again, given its history, the UN might be perfectly happy that money meant for education, healthcare, and other services in Gaza is instead landing in the pockets of the corrupt, terrorist Hamas regime. 

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