2016-08-03 / Voice at the Shore

New Ventnor mini-mart offers kosher food and catering

Voice shore editor

The glatt kosher mini-mart is run by David Richter and his three partners, who also own Bubbies Bistro. The glatt kosher mini-mart is run by David Richter and his three partners, who also own Bubbies Bistro. Looking for a kosher chicken for tonight’s dinner? Or a complete, glatt kosher Shabbat dinner for 10 people, delivered to your door? Or did you just want to grab coffee and a scone for breakfast (for under $5—or a salad-to-go for lunch?)

Poppy’s Café and Commissary in Ventnor, at 5205 Atlantic Avenue, is the place to go. The new, glatt kosher convenience store and catering outlet fills a void here at the shore. Now people can buy “good, kosher food” without traveling to Cherry Hill or Lakewood, said Poppy’s general manager, David Richter. Richter and his wife, Andrea Lee, co-own the mini-mart with Tad and Liz Stern. The two couples also co-own Bubbies Bistro, a glatt kosher Israeli/Italian restaurant a block away on Ventnor Avenue managed by the Sterns.

Poppy’s is open 8 a.m. to “5- ish” Sunday through Friday, said Richter. The bright white storefront with large windows and red and yellow trim, flanked by four outdoor tables with bright red umbrellas, beckons passersby of all kinds. Only a chalkboard sign standing outside the front door announces that this is, in fact, a “Kosher Market.”

Yet word of the kosher minimart, which has been open just over a month, has spread quickly. Poppy’s already has devoted customers.

“I’ve been here many, many times,” said an older woman named Lorna, who came in looking for a kosher chicken.

“I heard rumors you were here. I came here to see if you were open yet,” says a middle-aged man sporting a kippah, who casually studied Poppy’s several fridges filled with drinks, salads, and meats, then moves on to investigate the coffee bar, an adjoining display of homemade kosher candy, and two tables laden with baked goods. He left happy, with a package of chicken burgers, a container of olives and another with red peppers. 

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