2016-08-03 / Editorial

The conventions are over; it is time to prepare and vote

The political conventions are over. The nominees have been chosen. The balloons have fallen and been swept away. The ballots are being printed.

There are approximately three months until Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 8—three months for the presidential candidates to make their respective cases to the American electorate, and three months for those running for Congress and the Senate to make their cases too.

Many pundits are saying that this is shaping up to be one of the most consequential elections in decades. History will decide whether that is the case or not, but one thing is as true as it has always been—choosing one’s elected leaders is a privilege, and as citizens, we are all obligated to both participate in the process and study up on the positions of the respective candidates.

The founders of this great nation envisioned an informed and educated electorate going to the polls. That is the only way, they believed, that the values they held sacred would endure. When the newly independent states came together to form the United States of America, the form of government created was vastly different than that which existed anywhere else on earth. America was truly “a great experiment.”

Sadly, today there are many countries where true democracy still does not exist. Many people in this world still suffer under dictatorships, still cannot speak their minds without fear, and still cannot head to the polls without putting their lives on the line, assuming, of course, those polls exist at all.

Politics and elections are certainly spectacle, as the conventions have demonstrated. They are also very serious business. As voters, let’s hope this is a civil election season, so that we might all gather the information we need to make our informed choices this November.

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