2016-07-20 / Mideast

Historic discovery of Philistine cemetery

Archaeologists in southern Israel have uncovered a Philistine cemetery, making an unprecedented discovery. The discovery followed 30 years of work in the Ashkelon National Park by the Leon Levy Expedition.

The cemetery dates to the 11th to 8th centuries BCE. The findings may support the claim, inferred from the Bible, that the Philistines were migrants to ancient Israel.

Artifacts uncovered at the site, including ceramics, jewelry and weapons, as well as the bones themselves, hold the promise of being able to connect the Philistines to related populations across the Mediterranean.

Excavation there, particularly in areas where the burials were undisturbed, allows archaeologists and scholars to begin constructing a picture of the typical goods buried with the Philistines. (JTA)

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