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September is fast approaching; we need your help to meet our goal

Jewish Federation CEO

For most of us, September 30 is a far off thought. Who wants to think about the fall when summer is in mid-swing and we’re enjoying the sun and warm weather? But here at the Jewish Federation, September 30 is just around the corner.

As you’re reading this, we’re just 10 weeks away from the end of our fiscal year. That means, we’re just 10 weeks away from closing out our fundraising efforts for the year. Which also means, we’re just as busy as ever here at Federation. We set a goal to raise $3.15-million this year and we aim to meet that goal. We had another record-breaking Super Sunday/Week this past January (and into February) and the community has been generously responding to our direct mail campaigns. Our Major Gifts Dinner, Event for Women, and Event for Men were all very successful in securing gifts for this year’s JFund.

We’ve come a long way in meeting our goal for the year, but we’re not quite there yet. We need to raise $800,000 more by September 30. That’s $80,000 a week. This is no small task, but we can accomplish this with YOUR help. Ninety cents of every dollar you donate to JFund goes to the programs and services that directly impact our own South Jersey community—and Jewish communities in Israel and around the world.

Ninety cents of every dollar. That’s a pretty amazing number. It means that you can place your trust in the Jewish Federation, knowing that we maintain fiscal responsibility in everything we do. Every dollar is spent carefully and wisely so that we can allocate as much as possible to direct programming. Every investment in staff, infrastructure, fundraising, and even office supplies is done with an eye toward efficiency and cost-effectiveness. What will give us the “most bang for our buck,” so to speak, and set us up to be the most successful in the coming months and years.

Soon you’ll start seeing more about the close of our JFund campaign for this year. You may get a letter in the mail or see an ad here in the Voice. You may see an article in our Fed Flash newsletter or an ad on one of our lobby TVs. Even if you’ve already made a gift to JFund, you may be asked to make another. We do this because if we don’t ask, we may have to make cuts to our allocations.

Every donation to JFund allows us to allocate dollars to our own Federation family of agencies and to our national and overseas partners. And, every donation to JFund allows us to keep our promise of supporting direct programs and services through these local, national, and overseas agencies and partners. Doing good in nearly every corner of the world: Caring for those in need, enhancing Jewish life, and ensuring the continuity of a vibrant Jewish community locally, in Israel, and around the world.

Please take a moment to make a gift to the Jewish Federation’s JFund—and do good everywhere, from anywhere. Donate today at jewishsouthjersey.org/jfund 


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