2016-06-22 / Letters

Sorry to break the news—the world hates Jews

Dear friends of Israel, I am sorry to report to you that Israel is the “Sole Violator of Global Health Rights”—according to a new United Nations resolution.

We all know the definition of the term “double standard,” but when it comes to Israel we truly know that it is the most legitimate, “politically correct” way for anti-Semites worldwide to attack the Jewish people.

How is it that anyone who is thought to be pro-Israel is either prohibited from speaking on college campuses throughout the country or if by some slight chance has not been uninvited had their speeches constantly interrupted in this bastion of “free speech?”

How is it that dozens of countries govern legally questionable territory without the entire world being panicked?

How is it that in a world consisting of countries like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran and China that Israel makes up the majority of violations of human rights resolutions?

How is it that only Israel is singled out for not having its capital recognized by the rest of the world?

How is it that the United Nations just issued a proclamation dealing with the “Temple Mount,” including “the Western Wall,” without recognizing its connection to the Jewish people?

How is it that the European Union insists that imports from Israel manufactured in the “territories” must be labeled. This solely pertains to Israel and no other country?

How is it that certain Christian denominations in the United States participate in an economic boycott against Israel and no other country?

Yes, my friends, sorry to break the bad news that the world still hates Jews. I am offended by the purveyors of hate. but I have much more disgust for the supposedly moral leaders of our world who sit by silently.

Nelson Berman
Cherry Hill

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