2016-05-25 / Editorial

The Voice celebrates 75 community-building years


The Jewish Community Voice was created 75 years ago to serve a vital role in South Jersey’s growing Jewish community.

It was a dark time in history: World War II was raging and Europe’s Jewish population was in grave danger. Here in South Jersey, communal institutions were growing to meet the needs of Jews locally and worldwide. At the same time, the South Jersey families served were striving towards the American dream. A newspaper, Jewish leaders correctly predicted, could educate and inform while also playing an influential role in community building.

In a special commemorative section of the Voice, included in this issue, we pay tribute to our rich past, present and future. We hear from voices of the past, including former editors, and highlight treasured front covers. In addition, the Voice is celebrating this milestone with a special event featuring keynote speaker Linda Scherzer, a former Mideast correspondent for CNN and Israel Television covering the Arab-Israeli conflict.

As an institution, we journalists are more at home reporting the news than blowing our own horn. But this is indeed an anniversary worth the shout out. The newspaper business has gone through drastic changes in recent years, having taken severe hits by the 2008 recession and technology changes. Where other papers have folded, the Voice has actually expanded offerings with the addition of Voice at the Shore in 2014. Our plan to remain relevant for years to come involves the soon-to-be unveiled fully interactive new website.

It has been our honor and privilege to serve this community for 75 years. We look forward to many more to come. For more information on the 75th Celebration, call Jodie at (856) 751-9500, ext 1217 or jvoice@jfedsnj.org. .

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