2016-05-11 / Editorial

As Israel celebrates 68 years, it needs our support more than ever

This week marks 68 years since the rebirth of the Jewish State in the land of Israel. Israel’s existence and survival is miraculous. It has arisen after 2,000 years of exile and loss of sovereignty. It is a nation that has always been surrounded by enemies and detractors. Yet it has thrived, giving much to the world in terms of technology, innovation, the arts, and so much more.

Yes, Israel is a miracle, but it is more.

A “miracle” is defined as an event that is so unexpected and surprising that it is deemed to have divine origins. For Israel to thrive in such a hostile corner of the world is miraculous, but Israel also owes its existence to the Israelis who have made great sacrifices, often giving their lives, and to the support of Israel’s friends, both Jewish and non-Jewish, throughout the world.

Israel’s enemies have made inroads—on campus, in political centers throughout the world, and in the field of public opinion to such an extent that Israel is in mortal danger. Israel’s enemies, unable to defeat it on the battlefield, are seeking to undermine its legitimacy by portraying Israel as an occupier and oppressor. Israel, which has always sought peace and shown a willingness to make sacrifices for peace, is now viewed by many as the belligerent party. The media, the United Nations, and others ignore the violence and atrocities of Israel’s foes, and present Israel, a peace-loving and generous nation, as the cause of the world’s woes.

What can we who support Israel do?

We can stand up for Israel. We can, now more than ever, advocate for Israel in the halls of government. We can defend and support Israel in our conversations with family, friends and acquaintances. We can contribute to Israel financially. We can become informed about what a great place Israel is, and we can visit Israel.

We can let our brothers and sister know that they do not bear this burden alone. We can proudly proclaim that we are with them, and that Am Yisrael Chai! The nation of Israel lives. .

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