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SJR celebrates its 55th year with ‘States’ and Color Run

Regional mazkirim

Drew Hoffman (left) and Ben Fallick running at SJR’s 55th Anniversary Color Run. Drew Hoffman (left) and Ben Fallick running at SJR’s 55th Anniversary Color Run. On Sunday, Apr. 10, South Jersey Region BBYO gathered for “States,” the state of the region address given by our regional board each year. This is a time to look back at the year’s successes and shortcomings for each board member, chapter and SJR as a whole. This year, we had well over 100 teens and family members present, which shows the amazing community we have built and nurtured over the past 55 years. This year for BBYO (2015- 2016) was no different. Chapter leaders and general members (both old and new) came to States ready to reflect, celebrate and grow as we recapped the past 10 months.

To start the night, boys (Alephs) and girls (BBGs) were separately addressed by their leaders. From Judaism to programming and recruitment to communication, there was a lot to be said. Each speech varied and was unique.

In addition, awards were given out to those who excelled in a wide variety of ways. Mazel Tov to all award recipients— your chapters and the region are very lucky to have you. A special congratulations to MIT and AIT (new members of the year) Madison Rappaport and Jeremy Bender, BBG and Aleph of the year Chelsea Stern and Noah Wenger, and chapters of the year Marlcrest AZA and Dafna BBG!

States are an excellent way to honor the hard work of our region’s 10 board members. “SJR’s 55th regional board had the opportunity to individually address the region at States. They went through everything from the planning of each convention to the eternal memories they will walk away with,” said Chelsea Stern, the shlicha for Dafna BBG. “As their region, we came together to acknowledge the endless hours and incredible amounts of work they each dedicated to us. It has been really special to watch my friends and peers succeed beyond their limits and run this region of over 500 teens with such passion.”

Overall, States were an amazing night for all. We hope that everything said and taken away from this year, our 55th, inspires and helps to create even more success in 2016- 2017.

States are an annual SJR event at the end of each year, but this year called for something extra special to commemorate our 55 years. In collaboration with Race Roll Dye, May 1 was South Jersey Region’s 55th Anniversary Color Run! Sunday morning at JCC Camps at Medford, around 150 members, parents, alumni and community friends of BBYO came out for a great time.

Despite the rain, there were smiles all around. Race organizers spiced up the 5K run with obstacles around camp. Periodically, runners came across color stations, where they were showered with different colors. By the end of the run everyone was covered head to toe and had some awesome tie-dye shirts (and, temporarily, unique skin colors too).

Afterwards, the party continued with a DJ and dance party. Attendees had a great time dancing, socializing and taking pictures. Thank you to everyone who came out and made this event such a great time. Also a huge thank-you to our sponsors for helping to make this day happen and for their support of SJR’s teens. Not only was the Color Run a great 55th birthday party, it was an excellent fundraiser to help cement our continued ability to create meaningful Jewish experiences for any and all Jewish teens in South Jersey.

Between States and the Color Run our year is winding down. “Our year is coming to an end but is not quite over yet,” said Charlotte Nordeen, SJR’s regional president. “We still have Spring Thing, which is of monumental importance. We are looking forward to this member favorite and our last convention of the year.” .

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