2016-04-13 / World News

Operator of terror hotline fired for anti-Israel remark

An operator in Belgium’s federal hotline on the terrorist attacks in Brussels was fired for telling a Jewish caller that Israel does not exist and is in fact called Palestine.

The call to the Belgian Interior Ministry’s hotline was recorded and the audio file posted on the website of Joods Actueel, a Belgian Jewish monthly.

Following the publication, the European call center group IPG fired the employee, whom they put to work at the call center in the framework of their contract with the ministry.

“We wish to apologize to all members of the Jewish community and to the victims and their families in Israel,” said Jac Vermeer, CEO of IPG.

Michael Freilich, the editor-in-chief of Joods Actueel, said it “defies imagination” that a Belgian state employee would display the anti-Israel behavior that is commonplace in Arab countries. (JTA)

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