2016-03-02 / Mideast

IDF releases attack warning app

The Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command has released a mobile application to warn Israelis of local security threats.

The application, detailed in a call with reporters, was developed by a staff of some 15 people in the Home Front Command, which oversees civilian preparedness.

Called Home Front Command, the application aims to improve on several civilian-developed counterparts that alert Israelis to the warning sirens that blare ahead of incoming missiles. Those applications gained popularity during the 2014 war in Gaza, but alert users to every siren across the country.

The IDF’s alternative will track users based on their GPS location and alert them only to threats in their immediate area. It will cover a range of emergencies— from earthquakes to terror attacks to incoming rockets. In addition to warning users of the threat, the application will provide instructions on how to respond. It will be available in four languages— Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian— though it will not be available for download outside Israel. (JTA)

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