2016-03-02 / Letters

Recent events confirm bias against Israel

For many years, I assumed bias against Israel was as a result of my sensitivity about the country I love. There have been several recent events that make it very apparent that Israel is judged by a totally different standard than any other country in the world.

In the last couple of years, we have seen a coordinated effort to delegitimize the State of Israel. Growing pressure to boycott Israel’s products, ban their citizens from public speaking, and not allowing Israelis’ employment in many institutions are just a few of the injustices that are prevalent.

This obsession and hatred became much more apparent to me by four recent events. When President Obama called the Arab terrorism in a kosher market as “some random deli,” or when our President continues to give the Palestinian Authority hundreds of millions even as Abbas uses these funds to give pensions to Palestinians who either murdered or attempted to murder Jews.

The latest two struck a nerve. When three Palestinians attempted to murder many Jews recently just outside of the Damascus Gate, in which a 19-year-old girl was murdered, CBS chose to have as its headline, “Three Palestinians Killed in Jerusalem.” The last incident concerns a restaurant in Ohio owned by an Israeli who happens to be a Christian Arab. The proud Israeli welcomes customers with an Israeli flag outside of his restaurant, which caused a Muslim terrorist to enter the restaurant 30 minutes prior to the attack to inquire if the owner was Israeli. Upon hearing the affirmative, he comes back with a machete. What struck me was how few media outlets said this was another lone wolf act of Muslim terrorism. It appears that attacks against innocent civilians, who happened to be Jewish in Israel or around the world are treated in a different context than other Muslim terrorism.

Nelson Berman
Cherry Hill

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