2016-02-03 / Federation

You can see your dollars hard at work

JFund is the fund for Jewish living. It takes millions of dollars to meet the needs of our South Jersey Jewish community—and Jewish communities all around the world. And JFund helps to meet those needs.

You can see your JFund dollars hard at work all around you. In the food on the table of the family struggling to make ends meet. In the home health aide assisting the senior who lives alone with bathing and dressing. In the job coach who sits by the side of a woman with special needs, helping her learn the tasks of her new job.

You can see your JFund dollars hard at work in the advocacy awareness programs that educate and inform our community. You can see it in the eyes of our young children as they receive a Jewish early childhood education. And, in the hearts of our seniors as they find companionship and friendship in our social and recreational programming.

You can see it in the lives saved from a harsh winter in the poorest Jewish communities in the world—communities that have no running water or gas supply. You can see it in the aliyah fairs for prospective olim, and in funds given to small business owners in Israel to help them build and grow—and rebuild in times of crisis.

JFund is all around us—and you. Be a part of the movement. You can do good everywhere, from anywhere with a donation to JFund. jewishsouthjersey.org/jfund

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