2016-01-20 / Life Cycles

B’nai_ Mitzvah:

Cong. Beth El

HARRIS JAYSON, son of Paula and Mitchell Jayson, on Jan. 9.

HALLIE JAYSON, daughter of Paula and Mitchell Jayson, on Jan. 9.

SLOANE GERSTEIN, daughter of Jennifer and Michael Gerstein, on Jan. 23.

SARA CHESNICK, daughter of Lauren and David Chesnick, on Jan. 30.

Temple Beth Sholom

PAIGE MILLER, daughter of Traci and Gary Miller, on Jan. 2.

EMMA SKLAR, daughter of Shira and Stuart Sklar, on Jan. 9.

SYDNEY WEISS, daughter of Dawn and David Weiss, on Jan. 16.

BEN ADLER, son of Anna Adler and Glen Adler, on Jan. 23.

BRIAN KASTENBERG, son of Jill and David Kastenberg, on Jan. 30.

Temple Emanuel

PRESLEY BAUMHOLTZ, son of Robyn Baumholtz, on Jan. 9.

CARLY FOWLER, daughter of Chris and Jenifer Fowler, on Jan. 23.

Cong. M’kor Shalom

ETHAN BERNSTEIN, son of Michael Bernstein and Elyse Dishler, on Jan. 9.

JASON MARON, son of Jonathan and Laura Maron, on Jan. 30.

JOSHUA MEYERS, son of Daniel and Marla Meyers, on Jan. 30.

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