2016-01-06 / Editorial

2016 holds promise to be a big news year

It’s only days into the New Year and already 2016 seems destined to be a year of consequence.

It’s not just the realization that the U.S. presidential election season is about to go into overdrive. We’re also well aware that many of the worrisome issues the Jewish people faced in 2015 are still on the table. The topics that will likely continue to dominate news cycles include: The fight against religious extremists, the unrelenting flood of refugees seeking safety from Syria and other war zones, as well as the BDS movement and other forms of antisemitism and bigotry that continue to rear their ugly heads both here and abroad.

On the other hand, there is cause for some optimism. 2016 is, after all, the year that the world’s nations are finally set to begin working together to curb climate change with an eye to repairing the environment for future generations. Meanwhile, the contenders in both major parties for the 2016 presidential race continue to flatter us, competing to declare their love for the Jewish state.

Yes, assimilation continues to diminish our numbers, according to recent surveys, however American Jews overwhelmingly say they are proud to be Jewish and have a strong sense of belonging to the Jewish people. In addition, religious and communal organizations on all sides of the spectrum are trying out creative ways to make Judaism more relevant to younger Jews and others simply young at heart. That bodes well for our continued survival. After all, Jews have survived darker times over the millennia, in a large part because of our resilience and unwavering optimism for the future.

Times of danger often prove to be times of accomplishment, too – especially if we stay united. We wish you the very best for the secular New Year! .

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