2015-11-25 / Editorial

Terrorism in Israel must be recognized by world

In the days since the coordinated Islamic State terrorist attacks on Paris, the world has recognized the cowardly assaults against unarmed citizens for what they are: Acts of war against Western civilization.

It is time for the West to connect the dots from Paris to Israel, which has endured nearly two months of relentless, fatal stabbing attacks against unarmed citizens. On the same day as the Paris terror, in fact, a Palestinian attacker in the West Bank shot two Israelis. The body count has only risen since then and includes 18-year-old Ezra Schwartz, an American student who had deferred acceptance to Rutgers University for a one-year yeshiva program.

For Jews here and in Israel, the correlation has long been clear. The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) and the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey mince no words in a recent statement on the issue: “Terrorism is terrorism regardless of the perpetrators or where it takes place around the globe. It poses a threat to the entire free world, as evidenced by the horrendous attacks in Paris, Egypt, Lebanon and Mali in just the past several weeks and ongoing in Israel. The international community must consistently call out evil wherever it takes place and condemn all of these attacks with the same vociferousness.”

Will countries that have been so critical of Israel be more understanding of the measures Israel must take to protect its citizens against evildoers? So far that hasn’t been the case. Just days after the Paris attacks, Sweden’s foreign minister blamed Israel for fueling Palestinian extremism.

To be sure, the civilized world is still reeling from the multi-fronted vicious attacks on innocents. The only way to fight such evil is a global response, which includes recognizing the terror against Israeli citizens. .

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