2015-10-28 / Life Cycles


B’nai Mitzvah:

Adath Emanu-El

JOSHUA ROSENBLUM, son of Dean and Dawn Rosenblum, on Oct. 3.

SARAH CURTIS, daughter of Judith and Jonathan Curtis, on Oct. 10.

MICHELLE CURTIS, daughter of Judith and Jonathan Curtis, on Oct. 10.

ALYSSA HAYLEY STEINMETZ, daughter of Julie and Harvey Steinmetz, on Oct. 17.

GABRIELLE LEIGH WALDMAN, daughter of Keith and Debra Waldman, on Oct. 17.

MELANIE ELIZABETH WOLFSON, daughter of Lori and Wayne Wolfson, on Oct. 24.

ALEXANDER HARRY PARKER, son of Scott and Cindy Parker, on Oct. 31.

Cong. Beth El

CALEB HELLER, son of Daena Flaxman-Erlich, on Oct. 3.

BENJAMIN NADELBACH, son of Sharon and Steven Nadelbach, on Oct. 10.

MIRA NACHOD, daughter of Megan and Leigh Nachod, on Oct. 10.

GRACE BRESLOW, daughter of Amy and Brett Breslow, on Oct. 17.

SETH DRACHMAN, son of Debbie and Brian Drachman, on Oct. 24.

ANDY SILVER, son of Debera and Mike Silver, on Oct. 30.

EMILY SILVER, daughter of Debera and Mike Silver, on Oct. 31.

Temple Beth Sholom

BRENDAN COHEN, son of Lisa and Marc Cohen, on Oct. 10.

SETH ENGLE, son of Ellen Feinstein and Adam Engle, on Oct. 17.

CARA SAVITZ, daughter of Jaclyn and Sharon Savitz, on Oct. 17.

JUSTIN SHAPIRO, son of Alison and Mark Shapiro, on Oct. 24.

MAKAYLA BAZZLE, daughter of Tama Bazzle, on Oct. 31.

Cong. B’nai Tikvah-Beth Israel

DREW CONLIN, son of Mario and Brandy Conlin, on Oct. 17.

Temple Emanuel

LILY STANWYCK, daughter of Drew and Lisa Stanwyck, on Oct. 3.

IZZY PARKER, son of Arthur Parker and Merle Gutterman, on Oct. 3.

GILLIAN ROZENFELD, daughter of Yuri Rozenfeld and Phoebe Figland, on Oct. 10.

RYAN GREENE, son of Robert and Jennifer Greene, on Oct. 10.

RACHEL JAFFE, daughter of Mark and Rhonda Jaffe, on Oct. 10.

MONAH PINTEL, daughter of Ira and Leandra Pintel, on Oct. 17.

ISAAC MASTER, son of Steven Master and Jessica Jerrard, on Oct. 24.

BRETT BELSON, son of Chad and Robyn Belson, on Oct. 24.

JONAH GUTTERMAN, son of Tomer Solomonov and Tara Gutterman, on Oct. 31.

Cong. M’kor Shalom

JUSTIN VECCHIO, son of Gary and Marla Vecchio, on Oct. 3.

SARAH VECCHIO, daughter of Gary and Marla Vecchio, on Oct. 3.

ANNA SWERDLOW, daughter of David and Jami Swerdlow, on Oct. 3.

ALEXANDER COHEN, son of Jeffrey and Jennifer Cohen, on Oct. 10.

ETHAN MACK, son of David and Elyse Mack, on Oct. 10.

AVEREY ESPOSITO, daughter of Stephen and Jaime Esposito, on Oct. 17.

JADEN ESPOSITO, son of Stephen and Jaime Esposito, on Oct. 17.

SHELBY PINETTE, daughter of David and Ilyse Pinette, on Oct. 17.

CLOE LINDEN, daughter of Ari and Amy Linden, on Oct. 24.

MAKAYLA FRADIN, daughter of Matthew and Lisa Fradin, on Oct. 31.

Cong. Sons of Israel

JACOB HURLOCK, son of Steven and Caryn Hurlock, on Oct. 3.

NACHI EPSTEIN, son of Rabbi Ephraim and Debi Epstein, on Oct. 17..

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