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We have always kept our promises; help us keep our current & future ones

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GLENN FUHRMAN… JFund chair and president elect of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey. GLENN FUHRMAN… JFund chair and president elect of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey. What a community we have. As another Federation fiscal year comes to a close, I am so thrilled to announce that together the Jewish Federation and its agencies have raised an astounding $3-million for JFund (formerly the annual campaign). Your financial support for, volunteerism, and participation in the programs and services that the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and its family of agencies provide is simply remarkable. Having said that, the bottom line is that as this year closes, we need your help in raising an additional $150,000 for JFund, or we will have to cut back resources for critical services. This is a promise you have always helped us keep and it is hard to imagine the alternative.

Imagine if you can, what this community would look like without the JCC, its camps at Medford, its Open Hearts/Open Doors program for children with special needs, its senior department serving hundreds of meals each week to nourish the body and numerous educational classes to nourish the mind, and so much more.

Imagine if you can, in these troubling times, where we would be without such a strong JCRC, advocating and educating about Israel, dealing with critical issues confronting our community, and providing a dignified way of life for the frail and elderly Holocaust survivors in our midst, while also educating the youth of the area about the Holocaust, so that this history never repeats itself.

How blessed we are to have a JFCS such as ours, offering so many critical programs and services to so many individuals of so many differing levels of ability, providing food for those in need, job training for the unemployed, and job coaching for those with special needs. Our JFCS proves every day that every life and every person counts and matters.

Senior housing—need I say more? Who among us doesn’t know someone who is flourishing at Dubin, Gesher, Saltzman House, or Lions Gate? Imagine how different the quality of these lives would be but for the vision and planning of our Jewish Federation and your financial support. Yes, Federation has a long history of making promises and keeping promises thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Promises to keep also include the future planning and future promises that the Jewish Federation is undertaking not only on the campus at Springdale and Kresson Roads, but now up the street at our new property at 1721 Springdale Road. Who hasn’t seen Frank Capra’s classic movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”? Just try to imagine how South Jersey and its Jewish community would look without Federation’s planning and vision and your generosity. Together, we make a great team and a true difference.

JFund is a critical part of our collective success story. The dollars pledged to JFund help support not only our family of agencies, but also Israel and Jews throughout the world who might otherwise feel isolated and alone, without food or shelter, but because of you are included and part of a larger picture—a global Jewish community.

Yes, Federation has a history of keeping promises—promises and commitments made for the current year that we hope to keep and future promises for the generations to come. Some call it “Paying it Forward,” while others call it “l’dor va’dor,” from generation to generation, to ensure that the next generation is stronger and better positioned than the one that came before.

I hope you all had a fulfilling year and that you are inscribed for a 5776 full of good health, good times, good memories, and good fortune. I thank you for each and every dollar that so many of you have pledged to our community. Every dollar has helped to make a difference and touched a life in ways that you can’t even fathom. We have promises to keep and in our special community, the alternative is unimaginable. Just as importantly,

I thank all of our volunteers for their efforts and encourage everyone to volunteer next year. As an old TV commercial said, “Try it, you’ll like it.”

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Visit us online at jewishsouthjersey.org/imagine, contact Director of Philanthropy Laura Nadler Klatzkin at (856) 673- 2512, or mail your donation to the Jewish Federation at 1301 Springdale Rd., Suite 200, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. .

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