2015-10-14 / Editorial

Instead of calling for calm, Abbas fans flames of violence

A wave of deadly Palestinian terrorism over the past few weeks, which has largely been downplayed by the mainstream media, is prompting fears of a third intifada.

Still worse, instead of calling for restraint among Palestinian citizens, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has incited the violence by declaring his government is no longer bound by its agreements with Israel.

Pundits have been frustratingly silent as the situation has escalated and Israelis have died.

The renewed tension has been festering since before Rosh Hashanah when Israel outlawed a violent Islamist protest group from the Temple Mount. This turned out to be prudent as Israeli soldiers discovered stockpiles of firebombs, pipe bombs and rocks.

By then the war of words began, followed by deadly attacks against Israelis. Abbas, speaking to the U.N. General Assembly, accused Israel of using “brutal force to impose its plans to undermine the Islamic and Christian sanctities in Jerusalem” and claimed Israel has broken Israeli-Palestinian agreements.

While clashes started at the Temple Mount, they have spilled into Jerusalem, the West Bank and beyond. Among innocent victims, an Israeli couple driving home at night through the West Bank, were ambushed by terrorists and shot dead in front of their four children on Oct. 1.

Since then, there have not only been more deadly terrorist attacks, but tougher talk.

Netanyahu, blaming Abbas for inciting the attacks, has called for a hard line against the violence. Abbas has publically directed his security forces to clamp down on terrorism but also accuses Israel of “aggression” on the Temple Mount.

The first two violent Palestinian uprisings left thousands of Israelis and Palestinians dead. Both Israelis and Palestinians will suffer greatly if a third intifada breaks out. Where are the voices calling out Palestinian leaders for fanning the flames? .

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