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Our lay leadership provides the vision to propel Federation forward

Jewish Federation CEO

With our Annual Meeting just around the corner on Oct. 18, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our Board of Directors for their guidance and support of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey. The Board helps us imagine the bigger picture and helps guide us toward that goal. They bring knowledge and experience to the table, backed by the ambition to see the world become a better place. They are strong and capable, which in turn makes us strong and capable. Through their leadership and commitment, we are building the future with our hearts and our hands.

The Annual Meeting is both a reflection of the year that has past and a kickoff to the year ahead. It is when we say goodbye to our retiring board members and welcome our new board members. This year, as always, the Annual Meeting brings with it mixed feelings. I am sad to see our retiring members step down and hope they will remain a part of the Jewish Federation family in another capacity. And I am excited to work with our new members and see their ideas and their passions take life in our agency’s initiatives.

This year is also the start of Vicki Zell’s second year as president. Vicki works just as tirelessly as our staff to ensure the smooth operation of the Jewish Federation in everything that we do, and I look forward to another year with her by my side. She is a rock through the challenges and a true advocate for the Jewish Federation. It is her passion to see us realize our full potential as an agency and to engage the South Jersey Jewish community through the programs, services, and partnerships of the Jewish Federation. Her dream is for the Jewish Federation to be a true community builder and we are well on our way to realizing that dream with outreach to those who live outside of the epicenter of Cherry Hill and a concierge to tie all of our programs, services, and volunteer opportunities together—across the Jewish Federation family.

Our lay leaders are an integral part of the Jewish Federation. Their governance helps us accomplish all that we do, and their fiscal responsibility ensures that we do it with checks and balances. This time of year concludes the monthslong budget and allocations process. It takes many long days and nights on the part of our board to guide us and ensure a long and sustainable future, and for that, I want to give my thanks. Their active role in meeting our annual fundraising goal and allocating resources to our family of agencies and overseas partners allows us to meet the primary mission of this agency. We are here to provide resources and support to those in need through our Federation family and partners.

Each year, we grow a little more, continuing to take on new challenges and opportunities to better the community. With Vicki at the helm, I have no doubt that we will continue to do so, while maintaining our existing programming and allocations.

We are Federation and we are building the future. . jweiss@jfedsnj.org

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