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Members have a great time at first BBYO Night of the year


BBG Regional Board gathering for the first BBYO Night were (from left), Charlotte Nordeen, Bonnie Doogan, Marlena Penn, Dara Molotsky, and Sam Waldman. BBG Regional Board gathering for the first BBYO Night were (from left), Charlotte Nordeen, Bonnie Doogan, Marlena Penn, Dara Molotsky, and Sam Waldman. On Sunday, Sept. 20, members of South Jersey Region BBYO congregated at the local JCC in Cherry Hill for the first BBYO Night of the year. BBYO Nights are monthly events that provide the members of the region a chance to gather and meet with each other, as well as have fun. The event is two hours long, the first hour being set aside for the individual chapters to have their own, separate business meetings, and the second hour involves all of the members coming together as a whole, or splitting up into the Alephs and the BBGs, to participate in a program planned by the Regional Boards or to have a regional meeting. This year’s first BBYO Night stuck to the normal format.

For the first half of the night, the chapters went into their own rooms in the JCC and conducted business meetings. They went over future events and discussed important matters concerning the chapter, ranging from getting new apparel to planning fundraisers. The meetings were extremely productive and the chapters greatly benefitted from them.

“It was a great chance for the chapter to get together and do some planning,” said Elijah Borenstein, of Marlcrest AZA. Not only did the meetings allow the chapters to accomplish many different objectives, but it also gave their members time to bond and have fun. As an added bonus, for many new members, this was their first business meeting and it provided invaluable insight in to the inner workings of BBYO.

After the chapter meetings concluded, the Alephs and the BBGs separated and each group participated in very meaningful programs that were planned by their respective Regional Boards. The Alephs went back to basics and revisited lifelong lessons that haven’t been touched upon since elementary school. The BBGs, meanwhile, discussed the portrayal of gender roles in the media and advertisement worlds.

Traveling back in time to the days of Pre-K, the Alephs of SJR were split into four groups and traveled to different stations, relearning life skills that they may have lost touch with in the past years. The four stations that the Alephs visited focused on the following lessons: Impulse control, following directions, recess, and staying quiet. Alephs found themselves going from station to station participating in activities that varied from a “following directions” worksheet with a tricky ending to charades to a lively game of gaga. Commenting on the station that focused on following directions, Re’ut BBYO member Noah Wenger, said, “I learned a lot more about listening and paying attention to small details.” Although the stations all had fairly serious lessons and meanings, the activities were fun and creative in a way that the Alephs didn’t even realize that they were learning.

Meanwhile, the BBGs were also participating in their own meaningful program. They viewed a slide show and had a group discussion concerning how the two genders are shown differently in the media and in advertising over time. “The BBG program was a very meaningful slideshow and discussion about gender role in advertising,” said Chevrah BBG member Zoe Arking. “It was interesting to see how advertising companies have evolved over the years and how gender roles have also changed.” The girls’ program was highly educational and very eye opening for the BBGs that went to BBYO Night. They were able to gain a new perspective to how gender roles have changed in society and how the media reflects said changes.

The September BBYO night was a fun and educational event for all members who were in attendance. The chapters were able to get a lot of work done and their meetings were quite successful. The second half of the event presented the members with two programs that, though seemingly simple, both had very profound messages. The first BBYO Night was an astounding success and the future nights should be just as amazing. .

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