2015-09-30 / Federation

Touch the lives of Jews at home and abroad

No other gift touches more Jewish lives than donating to the Jewish Federation’s JFund. It’s more than a donation to one person, one thing, or one cause. It’s a donation to many people, many things, and many causes—spanning the breadth and width of our South Jersey Jewish community and Jewish communities all around the world.

With just one donation, you are touching the lives of Jews in all corners of the globe. With just one donation, you are providing meals to a senior who lives alone and can’t get around as well on their own anymore. You are helping a victim of domestic abuse find refuge. You are giving emergency relief in times of crisis. You are ensuring a Jewish preschool experience and a head start to a young child. You are taking a stand against bigotry and hatred. You are allowing an individual with special needs the opportunity to excel and succeed. With just one donation, you are supporting all that the Jewish Federation does for this community and in communities the world over.

Our 2015 campaign closes today, but you can still make a difference in someone’s life. Learn more and donate at www.jewishsouthjersey.org/jfund .

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