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South Jersey Region BBYO chapters kick off the New Year!

Regional Mazkirim

Dafna BBG’s Fall 2015 board after their Installation ceremony (from left), Jackie Rappaport, Trudi Fleishman, Becca Miller and Bonnie Doogan. Dafna BBG’s Fall 2015 board after their Installation ceremony (from left), Jackie Rappaport, Trudi Fleishman, Becca Miller and Bonnie Doogan. Although BBYO is worldwide, the most special memories and bonds are created right at home in South Jersey Region within our chapters. After a summer apart, the 12 chapters of SJR have respectively kicked off their 2015-2016 year. There was much excitement; it is rough every year to switch from seeing your friends and chapter members every weekend to not seeing them for three months. With everyone scattered at sleepaway camps, BBYO summer programs, or busy with summer jobs, chapter kickoffs couldn’t come soon enough.

Setting the tone for chapter collaboration, Woodcrest and Chevrah switched things up this year and planned a bowling kickoff at Laurel Lanes together. Zoe Arking reflected, “Chevrah and Woodcrest Bowl into a New Year was incredibly successful. Each chapter had over 15 new faces and a ton of members (over 100) came out to support the chapters. Everyone had an amazing time bowling and hanging out with friends!! Overall I would say this year is off to a killer start!” We look forward to seeing more and more chapters branching out to hold events together.

“At Dafna BBG’s All American-themed kickoff, we bonded with one another through fun icebreaker activities and a meaningful Havdalah service,” said Chelsea Stern, a sophomore from the chapter. Dafna also ushered in its Fall 2015 leadership board with BBYO’s customary Installs/Exstalls Ceremony. “This ceremony is a BBYO custom in which members show appreciation for those who take on leadership roles in the chapter,” Stern, who was installed as Gizborit, or treasurer, said. “Lit candles and personal words of encouragement said by the chapter president made for a sentimental moment and a memorable kickoff”

Ohev BBG ended its summer right with one last summeresque day by the pool. “Kickoff was an amazing time! We played pool games, went swimming, ate some pizza and bonded with our new and old sisters. The girls of Ohev BBG swam into the New Year and kicked it off right!” said Dara Molotsky, a member of the chapter.

Neshef BBG too kept with the swimming theme. “Neshef started off the year with a splash at our Sahara Sam’s kickoff,” said Gabby Shvartsman. “Everyone had a good time and is excited for more events to come!”

Re’ut, one of our two co-ed chapters, spent a relaxing day at Washington Lake Park. “There were games and a lot of bonding time. The Re’ut Raccoons are excited for what’s to come this year!” said Dana Breslau.

Otzma AZA also held a relaxed day of hanging to reunite the Wolfpack. “It was very fun. I loved being able to see friends of mine I hadn’t seen all summer,” said Jared Gans, a junior in the chapter.

Each chapter kickoff was different and unique, just like the chapters themselves. But no matter the event, everyone was excited to see their friends again. As our programming picks up and intensifies this year, we know the essence of bonding and fun will continue. .

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