2015-09-16 / Letters

Supporting local day schools

I applaud Jewish Federation CEO Jennifer Dubrow Weiss’ article on Jewish Day Schools in our community (Help our community thrive by supporting our local day schools/Pg. 13/Aug. 19 Voice). I have participated in a task force meeting sponsored by the Jewish Federation and have seen first hand the commitment of the leadership to support these local institutions.

As past president of Politz Day School, I have also seen the struggle to pay bills and meet payroll. The commitment of the school to provide scholarships for all needy students places a tremendous burden on the budget. Parents with young children, often just starting their careers, many still paying off student loans, are asked to shoulder the burden of tuition. The responsibility of financially supporting these institutions needs to become a community priority.

The community benefits tremendously from attracting these families to settle in South Jersey and call it home. They join the local workforce, shop at our stores, eat at our restaurants and support the local synagogues and JCC.

I would like to propose a specific action plan. All Jewish families need to provide direct support to the Jewish Day Schools. Middleaged adults (a cohort that I proudly belong to), many who have finished paying for their own children’s education and are financially more secure, need to make annual commitments. If every family gave just $18 a month (less than the price of a cup of coffee a day), the community would continue to attract young families to move to South Jersey; the schools would be financially secure and could focus on continuing to provide the stellar education which we all value.

Please contact Martha Karasick at Politz Day School or Robyn Greenberg at Kellman Brown Academy today to make a commitment and to make a difference.

Dr. Eytan Irwin
Cherry Hil

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