2015-09-02 / Federation

A warm thank-you to Jameson Fischer & Anna Culp for a great summer

Jewish Federation was very fortunate to have two great interns this summer. Jameson Fischer and Anna Culp seamlessly fit into the Federation family, learning many new skills and helping in variety of ways. We want to take this opportunity to thank Jameson and Anna, and all of the other summer interns throughout the Jewish Federation family of agencies, for their hard work and commitment. We also want to encourage others to consider internships in the future. If you are wondering why you should devote your free time to interning, consider this:

 Like others before them, Jameson and Anna sought out internships to assess the talents they already possessed and to acquire new abilities. Looking back, many notable celebrities, industry giants, and nonprofit leaders started with an internship to gain a foothold in their area of interest. Oprah, Steven Spielberg, and Steve Jobs all started out as interns. So did many of those right here in our own Federation family, including Jewish Federation CEO Jennifer Dubrow Weiss.

 Jameson had interned for the Jewish Federation previously and came back again this summer because he found everyone in the office to be friendly and helpful— just the right environment for someone learning the ropes! He spent his summer manning the front desk, answering phone calls, and learning database management.

 Anna, an intern for the Federation Finance Department, is currently going to school for accounting. This summer, she helped out with some projects, as well as the day-to-day stuff—budgets, bank reconciliations, financial statements, and more. She was happy to have the opportunity to do the actual accounting work she will be doing when she graduates. The highlight of her internship here at the Jewish Federation was the overall experience. She said, “From being able to interact with everyone in the office to being exposed to actual accounting work, I have genuinely enjoyed being at the Federation. Everyone is so helpful and kind, making my internship a wonderful learning experience!”

 Having an internship can be beneficial in so many ways. Interning provides you with an opportunity to build your resume, establish connections in a field you are interested in, and teach you about real life skills.

If you are interested in procuring an internship in the future, please contact Jewish Federation at (856) 751-9500 and we would be happy to welcome you to the Federation family! .

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