2014-08-06 / Editorial

There is only one just side in Israel’s war with Hamas

Israel, like every other nation in this world, is not perfect, but in its ongoing war against Hamas, it is clearly in the right. Israel has acted morally, doing its best to avoid civilian deaths, while Hamas has done its best to kill Israeli civilians and put its own civilians in harm’s way for propaganda purposes.

Prior to the start of the Israeli incursion into Gaza, there were no Israeli soldiers or settlers in Gaza. The area was entirely in the hands of Hamas and the Palestinians. Yet, Israeli towns and cities throughout the southern part of Israel have been the target of relentless missile attacks for years. No country could possibly sit back and allow such an onslaught on its citizens.

An extensive network of terrorist tunnels leading from Gaza to Israel pose an unparalleled threat to Israeli security. The IDF has uncovered more than 30 tunnels, with multiple entrances hidden in homes, greenhouses and public buildings. Hamas continues to use the tunnels to smuggle weapons into Gaza, and to send terrorists to infiltrate Israeli towns and kidnap and kill civilians.

Israel has taken tremendous efforts to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza. The IDF drops tens of thousands of leaflets, makes phone calls and sends text messages warning civilians to evacuate before airstrikes on terror targets, like concealed rocket launchers. By stark contrast, Hamas has used its citizens— including children—as human shields, often locating military operations in schools, hospitals, mosques and houses.

In this time when the State of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people, is threatened, we must stand with our Israeli brethren. We must do this not only because of our connection to the land of Israel and our fellow Jews, but because in this conflict, Israel has stood atop the moral high ground from the beginning. .

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