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Super Sunday naming sponsor shares passion for Federation family


ERIC MELLER ERIC MELLER I began my career in the roofing industry as a small child, following my father and great-grandfather before me. My great-grandfather, Morris, founded M. Rosenblatt Roofing Company in 1929 in South Philadelphia. My father, Stephen, joined the company full time after serving our country in the Vietnam War. He learned the business early on as well, working with his grandfather.

My father loves Jewish geography and never passes up the chance to tell us what it was like growing up in South Philly and the challenges he faced there as a Jewish child. While the street he grew up on consisted mostly of Jewish families, just a short walk away and my father and his friends dealt with anti-Semitism on a regular basis. Whether in school or playing in the neighborhood, there were always incidents of ignorance and hate throughout his community. Could this be part of the reason why my father instilled in my sister and me the importance of being involved in our Jewish community? I sure think so.

Past, Present, and future leaders of M. Rosenblatt Roofing: Eric Meller, with sons Jacob (2) and Jonah (6), and father Stephen. Past, Present, and future leaders of M. Rosenblatt Roofing: Eric Meller, with sons Jacob (2) and Jonah (6), and father Stephen. Throughout my childhood, I spent most of my holidays, summers, and any free time learning everything I could about my family business. I will always remember sitting on my father’s briefcase between him and my great-grandfather as we went from site to site; it’s one of my fondest childhood memories. During my college years, in addition to my regular studies, I participated in many educational courses and seminars focused on the construction industry. I had the best of both worlds, a formal education in two separate formats and real-world experience out in the field.

Today, I continue my education in the construction industry, consistently updating my certifications and continually enhancing my wide array of construction knowledge. Our company consists of industry experts, some of whom have been team members for more than 30 years. Our team members are always updating their construction knowledge and know-how through both class time and field training. Keeping up with industry standards is a core component of our business Not only do we want to keep up with the changes in our industry, but we want to set the standard and set an example for all future members of our elite teams. We continually strive for excellence. Our ambition as a company is not to be the biggest, but to be the best. I am proud to say that M. Rosenblatt Roofing celebrates its 85th year in 2014. Involvement in our amazing Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey runs deep in my heart as well. Whether making phone calls on Super Sunday, joining our community for the Jewish Community Relations Council’s Middle East Institute, sharing sweets with Jewish Family and Children’s Services, or cheering and recognizing our wonderful leaders and devoted community members, our Jewish Federation is something my family and I are extremely thankful for. I am grateful that I am able to support the important work performed by hundreds of volunteers, and the hundreds of you at home who answer the call on Super Sunday.

I have shared the privilege of co-chairing Super Sunday in 2011 with one of the greatest and most loyal members of our community, Albert ElGrissy. It was a life changing experience, one that I am thankful for and very proud of. I hope to see my sons, Jonah and Jacob, do the same one day.

I believe our Jewish Federation is an integral part of our Jewish community. One thing that has always drawn me to Jewish Federation is the fact that no matter where one may attend synagogue, or even if not at all, the doors to Jewish Federation are open to everyone. In a time where our unity as a Jewish community, both locally and globally, is more important than ever, we must engage and embrace each other on a regular basis. There is nobody that will take care of us, like us; we should all be united, for now and forever.

Super Sunday is an annual fundraising phone-a-thon conducted by Jewish Federations nationwide. This Sunday, January 26, 2014, is Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey’s Super Sunday. Funds collected support the work of Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and Family of Agencies, which serve as the community safety net caring for people in need locally, in Israel, and around the world. Learn more, and register to volunteer, at www.JewishSouthJersey.org/SuperSunday.aspx. For more information about M. Rosenblatt Roofing, visit www.since1929.com. .

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