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Marlton blogger offers advice to Boomer generation

By LAUREN PLATT Voice intern

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Blogging and reading

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“I keep my chin up so my neck stays forever wrinkle free.”

That just about sums up the way Judy Freedman lives her life.

Six years ago, in the months leading up to her 50th birthday, the Marlton resident set out to document all of life’s moments in a blog. At the time, life was at its peak—a great career working for Campbell’s Soup, a loving husband, and two wonderful children. Before her birthday, however, her husband suddenly became very ill and passed away soon thereafter.

For a little while after what Freedman refers to as “a very traumatic time,” she stopped blogging. However, when her followers began to question her fate and where she would go next in life, she decided to start blogging again. This time, however, from the perspective of a woman living life after 50. “A Boomer’s Life After 50” was born.

The self-proclaimed “avid New York Times reader and magazine-aholic” got herself set in the routine of “working [a full-time job] during the day and blogging at night.” She became active in BlogHer Publishing Network, a company designed to help women bloggers gain exposure, Huffington Post, and other sites that reached out to her because of the growing popularity of her blog.

A Boomer’s Life After 50 offers advice on living an optimistic and healthy life after you turn 50. Freedman blogs about her “passion for fashion,” health and wellness, parenting, aging and so many other topics that are useful and applicable to her thousands of followers. She keeps it real. She does not shy away from the truth to look more appealing. In fact, that is why they love her so much. In a recent response from a follower on one of her posts, the follower raved that Freedman is “a wonderful example of taking charge of your life.” It is that kind of motivation that keeps her writing.

Freedman, who is known as “JudiBoomergirl” to her followers, often hosts guest writers on her blog. She enjoys hearing what others have to say as well, including men! Although her target audience is Boomer women, she knows some men follow her.

Freedman offers help and advice to her virtual community all over the country and around the world. However, her South Jersey community is central to her. She is a member of the Katz JCC and a supporter of the Jewish Federation. She also is a supporter of the University of Pennsylvania Hillel, where she attends services.

She feels that social media and blogging are both great ways to keep people connected— even the elderly. Although there are many skeptics, she said, “I would recommend it because I think it is a great way to connect with other Boomers—especially for women.” Freedman wants to share her passion for the art of blogging and she wants to help the older Jewish community as well.

Recently retired after 30 years in the executive world, Freedman has been focusing mainly on her blog and writing for the Huffington Post. Her work was honored with a Webby award. Interested in possibly writing a book in the future, she is content to wait and see where life will take her next.

“I really enjoy making an impact with my audience.”

To read and follow Freedman’s blog, check it out at www.aboomerslifeafter50.com .

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