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The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey wants to take YOU to Israel!

Wouldn’t you like to go?

In March 2014, the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey is organizing an eight-day, heavily subsidized trip to Israel. An amazing incentive is being offered to encourage participation. For those under 45, there is a $2,000 subsidy, and those over 45 will receive $800. Participants will “feel the magic of Israel in their fingertips.” This mission is designed for adults ages 30- 60, and will pair up those who have never been to Israel, or have not been since they were teens, with veteran travelers.

“This mission is open to anyone in the community, but we are looking to travel with past, present and hopefully future leaders of our community. There is no better way to bond than in the land of Israel, seeing the impact we have both at home and in our homeland,” said Margie Dannenbaum. She and her husband Mark, and Bob and Betsy Schwartz eagerly stepped in as mission chairs. As Bob Schwartz added, “we are excited to chair this mission, and to share our common commitment to the Southern New Jersey and broader Jewish communities.”

There are a limited number of subsidies available, and to date mission chairs have recruited over 30 couples to travel with them, and with the help of the Young Adult Division of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, they hope to add many more first-timers.

“The amazing part of a Federation-sponsored mission is the accessibility you get. Not only will we get to see, taste, and touch the usual tour highlights, we will meet politicians and scholars, and have access to information that the average tourist does not get to experience,” said Julia Roberts, Young Adult Division Recruitment chair.

“It has been 13 years since our last community mission to Israel,” said Jennifer Dubrow Weiss, Federation CEO. “We are excited to offer this opportunity to the community and hope those already engaged in Federation will join us, as well as others who are looking to learn more about Israel, and what Federation is all about. Thanks to a special fundraising project last fall, we are able to offer a once-in-a-lifetime subsidy. If you have ever thought about going to Israel, now is the time. Join us!”

For more information, contact Federation Planning Director Ronit Boyd at rboyd@jfedsnj.org or (856) 673-2588.

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