2008-03-26 / Federation


Lions will roar into Tel Aviv

As Israel turns 60, United Jewish Communities (UJC) will join in the celebration by taking the International Lion of Judah Conference to Tel Aviv from Nov. 12 -16. This year's conference theme- Light to the Future - Or L'Atid - will permeate all aspects of the event, as Lions from around the world explore the dynamic role of philanthropic women in the Jewish Federation movement.

Special Israel-related programming will include opportunities to experience Tel Aviv's food, fashion and culture, meet Israeli Lions and visit their homes, and commemorate the 36th anniversary of the creation of the Lion of Judah and bat mitzvah year of the Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE). The conference will also include a tribute to the women of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). For the first time, the daughters and nieces of Lions are invited to participate in the International Lion of Judah Conference. There will also be special programming for the Lions' husbands.

Numbering over 14,000 worldwide, the Lions of Judah is a group of women from across North America and around the world that contribute of $5,000 or more annually, in their own names, to the Jewish Federation Annual Campaign. Lions are committed to tzedakah as an individual responsibility and are dedicated to the preservation and growth of the Jewish community worldwide.

UJC's General Assembly (GA) will take place in Jerusalem following the Lion of Judah conference. Registration fees will be waived and transfers to Jerusalem given to conference participants continuing on to the GA.

For information about the International Lion of Judah Conference or the GA, please call Martha Karasick at 751-9500, ext. 214 or email mkarasick@jfedsnj.org. .

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